Adult Volunteers

  • Are you looking for a youth organization with which to share your time and talent?

  • Do you have prior military experience, administrative or clerical skills, or experience teaching or working with youth?

    If you answered yes to one of these questions, the Sea Cadet Corps needs you!

         The NSCC and NLCC are led by unpaid volunteers interested in helping young men and women develop into productive, well rounded citizens.  In addition to teaching classes, instructors provide supervision, guidance, and leadership, as well as administrative and logistical support for the unit.

Instructors are parents, family members, former cadets, active duty/reserve/retired members of the Armed Forces, or other interested people who want to work with cadets.

All Instructors are screened by the Navy League and a background check is conducted.

We are looking for a few more adults to come aboard to share their time and talent.

Here is how you can help:

  • Volunteer as a uniformed adult leader  (must meet weight requirements)
  • Volunteer as a non-uniformed adult leader
  • Provide classroom instruction in a specific topic
  • Serve as guest speaker
  • Join a Parent’s Auxiliary Group
  • Provide transportation for unit activities
  • Chaperone unit activities
  • Assist with unit recruiting
  • Assist with Public Affairs events
  • Assist with unit fundraising
  • Assist with unit morale activities  (outings, picnics, dances, etc.)
  • Assist with unit administrative functions (copying, typing, etc.)
  • Assist with unit supply (issue uniforms, maintaining inventory)

The time commitment depends on what you can offer – from one or two hours a month to several hours a week and every drill weekend.

Not all volunteers are required to become official instructors, though it is highly encouraged.  Members of the Parent’s Group and those assisting by making phone calls are not required to enroll.  Any adult who will be directly in contact with cadets, such as chaperones or other event assistants who might be left alone with the cadets MUST be enrolled instructors with a completed background check to ensure the safety of the cadets.