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What did you do this weekend?

<![CDATA[You know how sometimes when you pick up your cadet after a weekend, if you miss the Commander's wrap up, you ask your son or daughter what they did? So many times, they respond with "oh, nothing" or "the usual". This weekend, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you get to respond with "BALONEY!"

This weekend, we had the opportunity to spend a day with some some amazing crew members of the Zumwalt (and a lone, brave, Coastie!) to learn a number of things: take-downs, securing prisoners, use of a baton to protect yourself,  and room breaches. All that training took place in the morning, and after lunch it culminated in practical application of what they learned, where the Legion Hall became a ship, the crew members played pirates, and the cadets were split into teams. Each team had the opportunity to "take back the ship", securing the "hostiles", while under [Nerf] fire. After each team, they received a "debrief" from the judges, three Chief Petty Officers from the Zumwalt. We put this video together to try and capture some great moments.

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If you wish to download this video, you can do so by right clicking this link and choosing “Save As”.

We had an amazing time, and are incredibly thankful to those that came to teach us new things! We look forward to the opportunities of doing more with the DDG-1000 crew!]]>